It all started with a passion for travel and adventure that we all shared.

We have travelled across Asia, Africa and the Arab Peninsula looking for exciting experiences, inspiring people and great tastes.

During our trips we have tasted the spices of India, hot, sweet and sour sauces of South-East Asia and the rich plethora of Arab mezze. We discovered that food can change people’s lives. Make them healthy. Or simply happy. What we did not know yet was black garlic. And how it would change our lives.

What happened next?

When we first tried black garlic back in Poland we instantly new it was it. A deep and absolutely unparalleled taste of dried fruits, Lucretia, with a bit of smokiness and something totally special.

We created Garlee out of love for great food. But it was not the only reason. We believe that food should not only taste amazing but also improve our health and well being. And this is precisely what Garlee does. Rich in nutritional values and antioxidants, black garlic is your daily infusion of health. We did not stop there though.

Ecological production, no preservatives

Our belief is that good food should also be produced in a responsible and eco friendly way. Therefore we only use garlic grown in a Polish organic farm with utmost care for the nature and environment. Our labels and packaging are produced from ecological materials, no plastic or foil involved.   

For us Garlee is like quality life. Deep, intriguing and unique. We would like to share with you our passion for life. We would like to share with you Garlee Black Garlic.

We present to you Garlee Black Garlic